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The Bernie Sanders campaign was a hit! Still, a focused investigation into Progressive politics and feelings associated with hip culture yielded a slightly edgier (yet inviting and inclusive) take on Bernie's campaign. This ident was an exercise in Network Branding and Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Existing Brand

Bernie's brand demonstrated several interwoven qualities. In this board, the left column displayed an American statesman, an oratory politician that runs with the big boys and still remains accessible, utilizing a custom typeface and soft color scheme in logo treatment. The center column provides historical context that Bernie has been on message for decades, touting the right side of history. In the campaign advertisement pieces, that message was strewn as timeless and current.

Cloud Atlas (2012)


As struggle goes on in one of the closing scenes of Cloud Atlas, following berating and belittlement as amounting to no more "than a single drop in a limitless ocean," our character utters his response: "What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?" Mic drop, and out.

Process (it starts with words)

Fan art played a significant part in showing the pluralistic appeal of the Sanders campaign.

So, a multitude of drops collect and create waves of political movement on a brick wall of solidarity revealing he who represents the interests of the people: Bernie! All this in a cell animated ident.

Style Frames

In revision, an added sense of warmth, safety, and pluralism is felt by indications of swaying tree shade against the wall as well as bricks with multiple values due to varying fire skins natural to the brick firing process. This represented better the inclusive nature of differences in the Sanders campaign.

Final Screen Grab of Multitude of Drops

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