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Drawing from a review of William Gibson's Neuromancer by Frederic Jameson, this project demonstrates that the cyberpunk genre provides a better reflection of contemporary life more so than the projected fictional future. 

Considering the present for content and the cyberpunk genre for material and tone, this piece aimed at being a post-election congratulatory commercial from the United State government, a sort of pat on the back for political consumption. Emulations of nationalist pride are renewed with a facelift in slick and flat design thanks to the "most representative democracy the world" has ever seen. The work has a little tongue-in-cheek action but the seriousness of the matter cannot be overstated.

Process and Inspiration

Pepsi and USA Today: a couple examples of the present tendency for flattened and reductive design.

Typography: A modernist sans serif typeface is used to indicate a culturally iconic sense of modernist branding.

Nationalism at Home

Nationalist Propaganda: Television sign offs of the 70's and 80's served as inspiration in demonstrating the seemingly benign appearance of nationalist pride when the images are culturally familiar and align with a particular ideology.


... more coming ...

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