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Georgia Ports: State of the Port 2017

The Georgia Ports Authority manages the import and export of commercial and industrial goods in vastly growing quantities in the United States. This year's commerce broke records in a variety of categories and the annual State of the Port presentation aimed to highlight that success to an audience of approximately 1,400 along with the notable attendance of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. 

Working Powerpoint file for State of the Port presentation: Savannah

Vice News Tonight served as inspiration for whipped motion in transition, typical of current fashion trends in informational graphic media

Spec sheet of general motion graphic standards for the State of the Port Presentation: Brunswick

Initially intended as several promotional and explanatory videos accompanying a Powerpoint presentation, the scope of the project expanded into layout and animation of the entire 100-plus-slides. It was suggested that motion design could improve legibility and reception. Although Powerpoint was the chosen software for accessibility, the goal was to remove the audience’s perception that they were watching a “powerpoint presentation," seamlessly guiding attention from one topic to the next on a projection screen measuring 45' wide by 15' tall.

Executive Director Griff Lynch rehearsing the 2017 State of the Port

in the Chatham Ballroom at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center 

Several presentations were ordered with differing content and aspect ratios: the Savannah State of the Port at 3:1, the Brunswick State of the Port at 16:9, and a static/editable presentation at 4:3 for engagements requiring an expediently tailored program.

Selected Moments

Lasting for the better part of 5 months, the project was constantly workshopped and edited right up until the night before presentation days! This happened with the assistance and input of Mehmet Caglayan, owner of Blue Voyage Productions, designer and animator Matt Van Rys, and the communications team at the GPA with Executive Director Griff Lynch.

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