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Losing Things is based on an excerpt of a comedic performance by George Carlin. On top of Carlin's apparent frustration at the trivial nature of losing things, this intonated type piece discusses the depth and finality of loss. For both style and symbolic communication, visual references of chromatic aberration and ghosting are used in the design. These artifacts of poor quality lenses and sensors are typical of consumer-grade standard definition VHS recorders from the 80's and 90's, the attempt being to date and harken to a past representation through documentation. A fading after image indicates the incessant passage of time and the inevitability of all material decay.

The color palette and glowing aura is pulled directly from the video of Carlin's performance. For a sense of depth, the opening of The Matrix serves as inspiration for creating a digital, material reality. This mimics the camera's attempt (and success) at depicting a three-dimensional representation on a two-dimensional field.

Layout and Planning

Style Frames


After the animation was finished, the video itself was photographed, essentially duplicated but with direct optical artifacts, and that video was in turn overlaid upon the original for an added sense of authenticity.

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