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The Montgomery Hall Courtyard dormitory at Savannah College of Art and Design served as the screen for the final project of Projection Mapping Fall 2015. The provided prompt was "surveillance."


Process for this piece was particularly loose in nature with the intention to pursue less commercially driven outcomes. The collaboration was worked almost completely within the project file, lifting publicly available video and juxtaposing as the team saw fit. We used long, meditative shots occasionally synchronized to music with a variety of symbolic imagery. Yes, it's artsy and slow, made to mesmerize. Look for elements of mirroring and unreciprocated action. There is a story of trust and extraction at work!

Montgomery Hall courtyard at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Template for dormitory facade projection.

Classmates developed the template above to be used in masking and interacting with the building facade as accurately as possible. These "masks" were really only guidelines. Our team chose to omit the windows from our final render.

Test projections were made to scale and nearly became the only documentation after a rainout of the original projection date postponed the class screening indefinitely. The test material was white card stock on black foam core cut to resemble the building's face. One digital light projector (DLP) was used to project a manipulated video file on the test surface with acceptable results. The final was eventually screened using three separate projectors stitched together using Mad Mapper.

Final Screen Captures

This project is a collaboration between Kalin Siegwald, Chris Hudock, and Wesley T. Nelson. Music selection is "A Evaristo Carriego" by Ciudad Baigón.

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