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Blood donation carries a seriousness in its necessity. In a mediascape saturated with appeals to emotion, such a cause might fall on deaf (or desensitized) ears if it were to follow similar design schematics. This PSA turns the message on its head to offer a humorous product for consumption, relying upon the audience's sense of humor to do the math.

Process, Copywrite


Further video processing that simulates playback of a degraded VHS recording interacts with the main animation. This quality plays to date the presentation so that the clean appearance of the digital animation does not detract or distract from the humor of the construct.

The Red Cross PSA is an exercise from the Dynamic Type course at Savannah College of Art and Design. The brief requirements included conceptualization, copywriting, design, and animation inside a public service announcement of 15 seconds.


Wesley T. Nelson: Copywriting, Voice, and Visuals

Henry Godwin: Sound Supervision

Scott MacLachlan: Music

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